A Free Event for All Restaurant Owners

If you work in the restaurant industry and want to learn about your businesses’ composting options in Providence come spend an hour with us, meet with multiple compost haulers and connect to a network of other restaurants trying to do the same thing.

Meeting Notes & Upcoming Events

ZWP established some 2019 composting goals: 1) Encourage 100 restaurants to continue or begin to compost 2) 5 neighborhood composting sites setup for regular use Other notes: Reminder to check in on the library swap bins. If you see empty bins, please take notes so we can replenish. Or, take a bag, leave a bag! Bag Bill still on hold. Waiting for Finance Committee to set hearing date (stay tuned for when that happens - we'll want ZWP members there!) Upcoming Events: Save the Date: February 4th 9:30am-11:30am at Impact Everything (297 Thayer Street) ZWP will be connecting compost haulers and Providence restaurants. Please try to stop by!

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