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August 2022 Updates

Plastics Reduction Meeting

At our first meeting in August we discussed plastic waste reduction - specifically Providence's plastic bag ban.

The law went into effect on October 22, 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted implementation of the ban. As you may have noticed, many shops and restaurants around Providence are STILL using plastic bags!

ZWP is organizing a campaign to ensure that the plastic bag ban is enforced and that avoiding plastic bags becomes the norm for PVD residents. Stay tuned for more information on how we'll do this and come to our September 6th meeting if you would like to get involved!

What can you do as a PVD resident?

  1. Bring your reusable bag to stores!

  2. When you see a business giving out plastic bags, report it to Providence 311 (search "plastic bag" to submit a Plastic Bag Ban Complaint).

  3. Talk to you local store! Tell them why it is important to you that stores stop using plastic bags. Use your power as a consumer to advocate for sustainable practices!

Composting Meeting

At our second August meeting, we discussed our composting initiative.

We were joined by a guest speaker from Boostrap Compost to learn about Boston's city-subsidized curbside food waste collection program. It was very insightful to learn more about the steps the city took to get there (and the politics involved!).

We discussed some interesting questions: What makes for a successful city-wide compost initiative? How can cities avoid the pitfalls that the recycling system has had with contaminants? Some cities, such as San Fransisco, have successful programs we can look to for inspiration.

For now, ZWP will continue to work towards establishing community drop-off sites in each ward of the city. Does your ward have a site? If not, let ZWP and your city council member know that you would like one!

Join us for our next meeting!

We meet every other week on Zoom, switching between the plastics and composting initiatives. Check out our calendar to find the next meeting on a topic you're interested in!


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