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Long Live Beerworks

Craft Beer for Everyone

In 2016 Long Live Beerworks was started by Armando DeDona on the West Side of Providence. They were not certain of how the business would evolve, but they were determined to cultivate a strong connection to their neighborhood and community. They have found a balance between brewing a highly competitive product that attracts folks from afar and striving to make Long Live a place where someone with any level of experience with craft beer feels comfortable and welcome.

The process of brewing can be resource intensive and as the business grows, so does the organic waste from the brewing process. Each week the brewery generates several tons of spent grains which are sent to their farmer connections to feed cattle. Additionally, the hop material from the post fermentation process, which cannot be fed to cattle, is picked by the The Compost Plant, ensuring  the remaining plant material is repurposed responsibly. 

Composting is not without its challenges. Jessica from Long Live tells us, “we chose to compost not because it’s the easiest thing to do.” For them, the biggest challenges are space and the time sensitive nature of compost. The process requires the team to keep a clear line of communication with both their farmers and The Compost Plant. They keep composting though because it feels important to them and helps them have a cleaner process of handling their day-to-day operations. Composting is a part of Long Live’s production procedure at this point and they couldn’t imagine their brewing process without it.

To other restaurants or breweries considering composting Long Live Beerworks says, “Do it! For Breweries and restaurants there will always be some organic waste product, and thus an opportunity to compost.”

Long Live Beerworks Exterior | Credit: Jackie Young

Brewing Tanks | Credit: Jackie Young

Pour of Craft Beer | Credit: Jackie Young

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