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November 2021 Updates

Composting Group Updates:

  • Working with 15 Minute Field trips to increase composting in schools & school gardens

    • Composting in Schools: Increase school composting, school gardening.

    • We're actively trying to locate schools with interest in this initiative. ZWP's goal is to get 4 schools added

  • Community Food Waste Collection Sites: Harvest Cycle currently has 3 drop off sites at community gardens with a 4th coming soon. Looking to set up more collection sites. ZWP’s goal is to get 15 sites

    • November 18th is a Food Waste event and Mayor Elorza will speak! Stop by and hear more! Stay tuned for more details!

  • RI Restaurant Composting: Planning series of events to encourage restaurants to compost

Plastics Reduction Update:

  • Working on more outreach, particularly Spanish language information

General Update:

Next Full-Group Meeting will be November 16th at 7pm:


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