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May 2022 Updates

May 3rd

Another organizing meeting! We’re doing some spring cleaning at ZWP and getting ready for some great zero waste initiatives this summer!

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • May 14th tabling event at the 10 Sims farmers market from 9am-1pm. We’ll be sharing information about community compost collection sites and all of ZWP’s work. Please let us know at if you are available to help, even for part of the market!

May 31st

There's a lot going on a ZWP!

Legislative Updates

We’ve been very focused on a pair of bills going through the RI state legislature on “Advanced Recycling”, or pyrolysis, a form of plastic burning. Senate Bill 2788 and House Bill 8089 would allow companies to build high-heat plastics-burning facilities without a state-run public oversight process.

We feel that these bills, pushed for by the petrochemical industry and its lobbyists, perpetuate our dependence on single-use plastics. In addition, the technology has the potential to pollute our air and environment - and as such needs to be given the appropriate oversight!

We urge all RI residents to learn more about the bills and write a message to your representatives. By clicking this link and entering your address, a letter will automatically be sent to your senator, your house rep, the senate president, the speaker of the house and the governor. Personalizing your message is helpful or you can simply send the prewritten message as is.

Composting Updates

The Fox Point school now has a 3 bin compost system - the first school in Providence! This makes for 2 schools in Providence doing some form of food waste diversion. Our goal for the year is to get 4 schools composting!

Harvest Cycle is celebrating the opening of their newest community food waste collection site at Peace and Plenty Community Garden!

We need volunteers to help with outreach at local events to help spread the word about these compost collection sites! If you are interested in volunteering for at least 1 hour at a ZWP table, please reach out to us at


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