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June 2022 Updates

Legislative Updates

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 2788, the “advanced recycling” bill has passed the senate. However, the bill still has to make it through the House of Representatives (House Bill 8089) and ZWP is working hard to ensure residents’ voices are heard! Please visit this link. By entering your address, a letter will automatically be sent to your senator, your house rep, the senate president, the speaker of the house, and the governor. Personalizing your message is helpful or you can simply send the prewritten message as is.

Compost Updates

Harvest Cycle has recently opened up 3 new community compost collection sites, at Peace and Plenty Community Garden, Washington Park Library, and Edgewood Community Garden! If you live in the area of these sites, please visit the links to sign up. Don’t forget that SNAP recipients or others in a similar low- or fixed-income financial situation get free drop-off service.

We need volunteers to help with outreach at local events to help spread the word about these compost collection sites! If you are interested in volunteering for at least 1 hour at a ZWP table, please reach out to us at


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