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ZWP Updates - August 2020 (8/11)

Outreach Committee:

· Moving forward with Outreach Summer Series as planned, featuring the “Where does your Stuff Go?” on August 27th from 11:00am -12:00pm, and available on Facebook Live. · City of Providence will post about Summer Series in the newsletter (coming out Thursday) · Volunteer opportunities for phone banking and awareness around those that are campaigning. If you're interested and able to help, here is a list of Eco-Champion Candidates:

Compost Committee:

· Developed heat map of where residents are composting, identifying hot spots of neighbors, quite a bit of data on recycling rates which helps evaluate the trends, will use this data to identify factors (homeownership, first language, etc.). The ultimate goal is to create a pilot program that will be a replicable model for the city. - How many households are composting between pickup and drop off? Compost Committee can look at the tool to estimate this number. Could we show higher numbers of composting have lower trash rates? - Can the Compost Committee show the findings (summarize the heat map with a one-pager). - Potential task for future intern will be to create this one-page summary of the heat map

Legislative Committee:

As an update on the Takeout Survey, there are only three responses for far. However, people could visit restaurants and fill out the survey individually. - ZWP members should review the list of restaurants.

100 x 2020 Committee Updates:

CET, ZWP, and City of Providence are hosting a ‘Virtual Networking Event’ on August 31st at 3:00pm for restaurants interested learning about composting (as well as ways to reduce and donate surplus food). Register for the Zoom Meeting here.


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