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ZWP Updates - August 8/25

Outreach/Communications Group Update:

  • Episode 3 Sustainability Series tune into Facebook Live 8/27 at 11:00am!

  • Photos of bins, etc to share with those interested - add resources

Compost Group Update:

  • Pilot composting/pickup route - still working out details but hoping to get started soon. City is concerned about rodents

Legislative Group Update:

  • Keep up with campaign help! Democratic Primary is September 8th! Vote!

  • Sampling of restaurants: who is using styrofoam vs alternatives

    • How many businesses are already using sustainable takeaway containers or styrofoam

100x2020 Update:

  • 8/31 “Greening Your Restaurant” Event! at 3pm!

General Update:

  • Looking to hire an intern, please reach out if you have interest!


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