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ZWP Updates - July 2020 (7/28)

Outreach/Communications Group Update:

  • Episode 2 Sustainability Series to be shown on Facebook Live 7/28

  • Ellie to help post for city/share

  • Whole ZWP group showing our own zero waste posts on social media

  • Photos of bins, etc to share with those interested - as composting resource

  • Our terrific intern, Ella, has been helping to re-vamp our website: Please take a look and let us know your feedback (constructive criticism also welcomed!)

Compost Group Update:

  • Increasing Drop-off location sites:

  • PVD Parks for compost drop-off location (Cabral Park) still in the works

  • Urban Greens as composting drop-off site, serving as a pilot site

  • Pilot composting/pickup route

  • Discussion of route collections and working with city for best spots for residential composting/making it most accessible to residents

  • Need to get information out to residents about how to compost

  • Plan is to use this route as a template for future residential compost

  • Composting heat map is in process still but to be published soon!

  • Next compost meeting is Wednesday, August 5th

Legislative Group Update:

  • Goals are to organize existing information/research to summarize efforts thus far

  • Document steps that have been taken to move legislation forward

  • Sampling of restaurants: who is using Styrofoam vs alternatives

  • How many businesses are already using sustainable takeaway containers or Styrofoam

100x2020 Update:

  • CET to support this work

  • Virtual networking event in mind by the end of the summer?

  • Identify business already composting and speak about their experience and CET to help with Q&A at the event

  • ZWP to talk about the initiative and status update


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