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ZWP Updates - June 2020 (6/30)

Outreach/Communications Group Updates:

  • Changes to potential future sustainability episodes

    • gearing it more towards adults rather than kids

    • recording episodes beforehand so that they are still accessible

    • adding question in registration whether they were kids or adults

    • using youtube to stream episodes

    • registering on eventbrite may not be user friendly - sending email instead?

Compost Group Updates:

  • heat map file available and coming along

  • have started working on how to decide on compost pilot route

  • developing metrics, including census data, need trash route data

  • RFP out to haulers (?) - discussion about RFP or no RFP

    • densest composting happening in wards 1, 3, 13

Legislation Group Updates:

  • brainstormed potential projects to carry out: compost bills, water equity, styrofoam ban

  • Tim and Pam contacting suppliers about other takeout packaging

  • conversations of state vs. city level

  • conversations about ban vs tax on styrofoam

  • Pam idea of slogan: "zero waste, zero harm"


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