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ZWP Updates - June 2020 (6/16)

Compost Group Committee updates:

  • Drop-off Hubs, building up number of locations, and learning about logistics to help PVD develop a hub(s); Idea to have public drop-off sites available to the public - working on various ideas e.g. connecting with the parks, community gardens. ZWP Goal = 3 additional drop-off sites by the end of the summer

    • ACTION ITEMS: Have convo with parks person

Outreach/Communications Committee updates:

  • Plans in motion for 3-Part Summer Sustainability Series in June, July & August that is kid-friendly & working to get the word out there

    • ACTION ITEMS: Post on social media & website; ZWP Full-Group please help us get the word out there; any content ideas to help us put this together e.g Compost How-To info

Legislative Committee

  • Government is not focused on environmental bills right now. Goal is to get Bag Bill past at least

  • Trying to unite restaurants to buy non-styrofoam takeout containers and save/group-buy option to cut costs, particularly during pandemic where takeout is at an all time high

Continuing Discussions: Environmental & Racial Justice

  • Lifecycle of material - raw form to product - companies not taking responsibility for where waste ends up

    • Who is taking responsibility; who has to take the burden (environmental, health) - low SES and people of color often have to inadvertently take on this burden

      • ZWP addresses this disparity

  • Childhood Lead Action Project and addressing disproportionate environmental lead exposure among people of color and people of lower SES

  • Highway control and reducing emissions and emission hazards

  • Addressing toxins within food stream, garbage truck routes

    • Political influence on all of these

    • Getting at the root of the problem of waste

  • Teaming up with existing groups working toward and promoting environmental and racial justice

  • Supporting job training programs in sustainable jobs

  • Neighborhood beautification and working with the city on green space/empty lot rehabilitation


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